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  • RACA

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    • RACA 1 - Air Cargo Security Awareness

      You would undertake this course if you are:

      • Employed in a warehouse or as a driver
      • Undertaking the handling, loading, stowing or processing of cargo destined for loading onto an aircraft
      This course covers off on basic security awareness procedures including;
      • How to recognise an Improvided Explosive Device (IED)
      • How to maintain the integrity of cargo and manage confidentiality issues around it
      • How to be aware of the security aspects of your premises, including people and cargo

      • RACA 2 - Examine Cargo

        You would undertake this course if you are:

        • Booking freight
        • Examining cargo 
        • Implementing air cargo security measures within your organisation.

        This course builds on RACA 1 and includes:

        • Keeping track of consignors, especially regular customers
        • Monitoring the security of the cargo 
        • Completing the required security documentation

        RACA 2 course automatically includes RACA 1

        • How is this course delivered?

          The RACA course is delivered as a fully online program. It is self-paced which mean you can stop, start, pause and review as often as you like. This is very convenient and is especially great for shift workers or those who might need to complete the course from home after hours if they are on the road during the day.

          The content is sequentially provided so you can work through it smoothly in order if you wish. However, if you have some previous experience and wish to vary the way you work through the learning material, that's OK too.

          You will have a series of assessments to complete as you go and you must get all of these correct before you can deemed to have passed the RACA course.

          To enrol, please download the below form
          and email the completed form to training@cbfca.com.au